Project Experience

Organizational development: 

  • Implementation of professional development programs

    • Results: doubled talent progression rate.

  • Creation of the Transversal Work Group programme that fosters teamwork to solve challenges proposed by senior leadership

    • Results: 60 groups created. Programme received award from the Brazilian Association of Human Resources -RJ.


Debt Collections and Sales:

  • Increased collection effectiveness for large financial institution using new SMS texts in 6 treatment groups and 2 control groups during 2 periods.

    • Result: the best treatment group was 3% more effective than the control group with the  standard SMS.

  • Developed a new collection messaging catalogue (SMSs, letters and emails) for improving collections in a leading financial institution for vehicle financing.

    • Result: project implemented.

  • Increased collection of property taxes in Rio de Janeiro using letters with different content.

    • Result: additional of US$ 52 million of collection in five years.

  • Accelerated payment of property taxes in Rio de Janeiro redesigning the payment booklet.

    • Result: yearly additional of US$ 55 million in lump sum payment.

  • Credit card sales and activation increase using new training materials for third party operators.

    • Result: training material delivered.


Education and Early Childhood:

  • Increase of online school year enrollment reducing costs and queues using e-mails to parents.

    • Result: 57% increase in online enrollment.

  • Increased parent participation in their children's education using WhatsApp messages.

    • Result: increase of 4.1% in the average of the test score of a national exam simulation.

  • Increase of vaccination coverage for children from 0 to 3 years old using different media and content.

    • Results: project in progress.


Health and Safety:

  • Reduction of risk situations for pedestrians crossing high traffic avenues with new signs.

    • Result: 30% increase in desirable options.

  • Project to reduce no show in consultations and health exams using SMS messages.

    • Result: project stopped due to the pandemic.

  • Support in the development of SMS messages to reduce speeding between speed cameras on urban roads.​

    • Result: project in progress.